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    So who is Reim?

    My love for the media world has kept me determined to grow in this industry. From my enjoyment of film to my interest in TV production and my curiosity over new media developments, Production truly is my Passion!

    To me, film is both escapism and an art. It's something to be appreciated and enjoyed. It's important for my work but key to how I unwind. If you are like me, then Production Passion is where I share my thoughts on films, filmmaking, the film, tv and digital industry and the occasional insight into my life & other entrepreneurial escapades. The challenges of working in this industry are not easy and just when you think you've figured things out the digital world changes the game.


    I have worked my way up this industry starting as a production runner at the BBC over 20 years ago. I battled my way up the ranks of corporate communication in the UK, through to producing and directing the first English language production on Dubai TV to becoming an Executive Producer and Head of Events at Dubai One. The climb continued all the way up to being the CEO of a New York Festival and Cannes award-winning production company, Ti22 Films and launching new exciting online portals such as dubai ON demand and social content solutions such as Fusion Digital Content. The one thing that kept me going is my love for film and TV programming and my ambition to take that love and reach new heights. 2019 sees the launch of my personalized content and podcast to help you on your content journey - with The Content Creation Coach.


    This is my forum to keep exploring, keep learning and sharing what I can along the way... Welcome...


    I have spent years flicking through the pages of magazines like INC, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and more... learning & exploring the world of entrepreneurship. In 2016 I proudly became a contributor to INC Magazine and in 2019 started to contribute to Entrepreneur Magazine. I hope that my insights into the world of content can help others trying to decipher what is right for them on their film & video journey as they embrace a medium that is no longer a luxury but now a must-have for every business owner. Please have a read of some of my latest articles... more can be found here... http://www.incarabia.com/author/reim-el-houni/

    Seeing is Believing: The Power Of Short-Targeted Videos

    (And How You Can Make It Work For Your Business)

    From Consumer to Creator

    Three Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Double Down On Your Video Marketing Plan


    Video creation is now a necessity. It is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have, and now is the time to double down on it.

    Five Mistakes You Are Making When Creating Video Content in 2019

    Its time to take your video content seriously!

    Why you should be loyal to your video producer!

    They're the experts in storytelling, and will be telling your story in the end.

    When It Comes To Video, You Need To Get Your Frame Right

    The power of going live and why you should care.

    Here Are The 5 Biggest Video Takeaways

    Why haven't you added video to your marketing plan this year?

    When It’s Video, Personalization Always Works

    Taking the programmatic approach to all that you do.


    Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you drive in.

                                             (Bill Bradley)

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    The Content Creation Coach is coming....

    Everyone has a specialization and now is the time to embrace your niche and share your knowledge. I am excited to launch The Content Creation Coach to help all those who want to get started with their content. You can follow @TheContentCreationCoach -

    https://www.instagram.com/thecontentcreationcoach/ on Instagram for ongoing videos to support you. If you are interested in 1-2-1 support with your content, I would be happy to help .


  • How Can I Help You?

    My world is a weird and wonderful place where different elements combine to create a unique set of opportunities, which you can find out about on the following pages. I am happy to discuss and support in any of the areas below...

    The World of Elemental


    As CEO of Elemental, we support entities with all their video needs everything from high-end video content with our award-winning video production company Ti22 Films, to regular online video content with our brand Fusion Digital Content.


    For TV Shows, TV Commercials, Event videos please visit

    http://www.ti22films.com to see examples of our work.


    We can support you with social media video content through our brand Fusion and animated content through our animation brand, Dynamite.


    We would love to support you to have an impact through your videos.

    The World of dubai ON demand

    Our unique Video Branding Community is here!

    We support Thought Leaders, Industry Leaders, Content Creators, Influencers through our monthly membership. Sign up for one of our memberships and ensure you have consistent content every month to keep you visible online.


    As well as this, we support micro-influencers and thought leaders who are looking to grow with a regular strategy and work with them on brand partnerships.


    Watch and subscribe to the channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/dubaiondemand.



    The World of BNI

    I am both a member and a Regional Director Consultant of the worlds largest referral networking group, BNI (Business Network International). Its a committed group of individuals who meet weekly at 6.30am to build relationships and actively refer each other. You can find out more at http://www.bni.ae.


    Please reach out if you would like more information or interested in visiting a chapter.

    The World Of Video Consulting, Speaking & Training

    As I am passionate about production, I often support organisations with their video strategy. I have supported events as a speaker and panelist, been a judge at the New York Festival for 7 consecutive years and also invited to guest lecture and teach.


    If you feel I could add value to your company, event or to your students please do get in touch at reim@reimelhouni.com !

    The World of Bambootique

    Whilst Production Passion is my primary focus, I also have a strong personal interest in the world of eco-friendly products & fashion in particular the amazing qualities of bamboo! I founded Bambootique in 2011 selling the most luxuriously soft eco-friendly clothes in town, to bring the unique qualities of the fabric to the community.


    You can currently stay up to date on our social channels


    The DIY Video Academy

    93% of people say they have made a sale through a video on social media.


    It is becoming more and more important to put yourself out there. If you want to learn how to create your own videos and join my courses and coaching programme make sure to drop me an email at team@diyvideoacademy.info


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