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    Whilst the production world is my passion, I have always had a lust for learning and been on a quest to connect with & support a variety of initiatives that quench my thirst for knowledge and give me the opportunity to connect with the community. Some of these endeavours have become important and significant contributors to my entrepreneurial journey.

    Business Network International

    Word of Mouth marketing with a difference...

    I have been an active member of BNI for over 8 years and a Director Consultant for the organisation for 6 years, supporting other BNI groups in Dubai. BNI chapters across the globe conduct structured weekly meetings to help members facilitate business referrals. I am a big believer in both building relationships and that referrals and recommendations lead to the strongest business connections. BNI has worked very well for me and my business generating business but also creating a strong support network. If you are interested in visiting my chapter please get in touch and I would be happy to invite you along.


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    Feel the difference...

    Whilst film is my primary passion, I love the world of eco-friendly clothes in particular the amazing qualities of bamboo. I founded Bambootique in 2011 and learnt a great deal about the importance of and challenges in running a social enterprise as well as the dynamic of retail and e-commerce. Make sure you follow us on social media to find out how you can get your hands on the softest clothes in town and feel the difference for yourself...


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    Dubai Canaries

    Life is a song... Sing it!

    A fun casual get-together bringing together people who love to sing! This is a group which has sprung out of my personal love for singing and feeling that it's been missing from my life for far too long! So if it's been missing from yours, please join the group and become a canary!


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    Young Arab Leaders

    Its all about community...

    I am a member of the Young Arab Leaders, which offers me a great network to connect with and access to a range of opportunities and events throughout the year.


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    The New York Festivals

    Keeping up with International Standards

    I have been proud to be a judge for the New York Festivals for the last 7 years. This is a role I enjoy as it gives me a great insight into trends and styles from across the globe. With entries from over 50 countries, it expands my knowledge base to watch a wide range of entries and understand more about the international market.


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    The UAE Production Forum

    Bringing the Production Industry Together

    I am happy to be on the Steering Committee of the UAE Production Forum. Some of the goals include to standardise processes across the production industry, create an environment where we can speak as one voice and address matters impacting our industry.


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    Entrepreneur Box

    Inspiration in a box!

    One of my latest brain childs - a subscription based membership box filled with inspiration to help entrepreneurs on their journey. Members can expect anything from the latest business book, to useful productivity tools, to exclusive invites to e-learning courses, to physical planners and much more. Coming Soon!


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