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    Being passionate about production means I watch my fair share of Movies and TV. I scout out new shows to find my next viewing addiction.. here are my thoughts on some of my recent viewing experiences... Check out the Reim Rating ;)

    The People v OJ Simpson -

    An American Crime Story - The drama behind the court room!

    Reim Rating 9.5/10

    Its hard to believe that this drama is based on real life events as it unfolds better than most fictitious dramas. Having a memory of watching the real court drama unfold on live TV I hadn't realised quite how impactful this case was and the precedent it set. Watching the 'inside' story makes you realise how the media really can be used to sway a court case. It was a fascinating watch, with strong acting from all parties especially Cuba Gooding Jr, John Travolta, Courtney Vance and Sarah Paulson. Highly recommend watching and despite knowing the outcome, the series is directed in a way that keeps you in suspense and wanting to watch more. A great premise for an ongoing format and can see that production for season 2 and season 3 are already under way simultaneously! With season 2 focussed on the Katrina hurricane, which doesn't sound as compelling as season 3 which will be focussed on the Versace murder with Penelope Cruz taking the lead as Donatella Versace! Lots to look forward to, but for now, The People v OJ Simpson should definitely be on your watch list!


    The People V OJ Simpson:


    The Good Fight - Fans of The Good Wife - salvation is here!

    Reim Rating 9/10

    For those of you who cried in despair as The (awesome) Good Wife came to an end, you can wipe those tears away as thankfully the office of Michelle and Robert King has come to the rescue with The Good Fight! This time with Christine Baranski taking the lead, the series stays true to the great writing, stories and humour found in The Good Wife. With many familiar supporting characters surfacing as well as some new lovable ones. I always said what made The Good Wife one of the best is that every character brought something to the table, whether you love them or hate them, they are all brilliantly written and acted and thankfully that continues here. The only thing to be sad about is its incredibly short run of only 10 episodes. Thankfully season 2 has already had a green light for 2018 with a total of 13 episodes... cant wait!


    The Good Fight Trailer:


    Begin Again - Sweet inspiration worth checking out

    Reim Rating 8/10

    Its a double whammy with Chef last week and Begin Again this week.  Continuing the feel good inspiring theme conveying the endless possibilities available if you're willing to just begin again!  Mark Ruffallo is brilliant and an enjoyable mellow real soundtrack.  Whilst we're waiting for some decent summer blockbusters, this independent story driven film should go to the top of the list!


    Begin Again Trailer:



    Favourite Dialogue:

    "This really is a long shot isn't it?  Absolutely!  Thats when the magic happens!'

    Chef - The alternative 'feel good' movie to add to your watch list

    Reim Rating 7/10

    Whilst this came out a year ago, I recently re-watched the movie from the comfort of my home and thought it was brilliant in its simplicity!  Fun dialogue and scripting which brings this story to life.  Positive message reminding viewers its never too late to start again.  Great performance by Jon Favreau who also wrote and directed the film.  Sizzling soundtrack and was ready to eat afterwards! Worth checking out!


    Chef Trailer:


    Suits Season 5 - Plummeting to the depths of the sea!

    Reim Rating 3/10

    Its the off season, which means we have plenty of shows to look forward to, kicking off with the return of Suits Season 5.  I have to say whilst I enjoy the banter and the movie references - my loyalty to Suits is seriously waning.  The show feels like it started its slow plummet through the clouds in season 4 and with the premiere of season 5 has finally smashed into the water.  Time will tell if it will bob along on the surface till it gets pulled to shore or  if it will just keep plummeting lower into the depths of the sea!  The only saviour at this point is laughter with Luis.  With brilliant legal dramas like The Good Wife on air, I think Suits needs to up its game to secure a 6th season. 

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