• Reim El Houni

    Advisor. Consultant. Speaker. Executive Producer. 

  • I wanted to say hello...

    and tell you a little bit about myself through the power of video below!

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    Meet Me

    I'm passionate about the world of film and television. I am equally passionate about empowering business leaders, experts & consultants to use the power of video to get visible. I have been in the media industry for close to 25 years and have enjoyed amazing adventures working with broadcasters, multinationals, CEOs, and government entities on a range of projects.


    Whether it be advising or consulting on a new media venture or TV project, or conceptualizing a new TV show format, or running a workshop for an organization, or speaking on stage, or getting into the trenches myself as an Executive Producer, I love it all! I am always learning, always growing in an ever-changing industry, and always ready for my next new adventure.

  • Ti22 Films

    Winning over 25 international awards, we can deliver an emotive, creative, masterpiece that will ensure you and your brand are remembered when it matters.

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    Join our video branding community to get the support and accountability you need through our video membership where we ensure your videos are created for you every month to keep you consistent.

    'On Air' TV Presenting Bootcamp

    Have you always wanted to be a TV presenter? Do you want the opportunity to train in a TV studio and get the skills you need to get 'On Air?' Join our weekend bootcamp which will ensure you have all the skills to get your TV presenting career off the ground!

    Dubai Vision Board Party

    Having a big vision is what has helped me get to where I am and it all started with my vision board back in 2011. Join me on my next public workshop or commission a session for your team to get excited about your goals for the future.

  • Cut to the chase...

    If you want to work with me, I am always open to new opportunities, connecting & supporting where I can. Get in touch below and my team will revert back within 48 hours.